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Countless details forged into a complete & compelling story

I was always a child who loved stories, mesmerized by the movies.

I studied film in Tel Aviv and continued at the AFI Conservatory in Los Angeles, where I completed my MFA in film directing. Eager to be a part of the action, and to be self-sufficient, I began my professional journey as a cameraman and slowly made my way to directing.

For more than 2 decades I juggle two worlds - television on the one hand, where I create documentaries, culinary, travel, and design shows, and on the private sector - creating a wide variety of video content for commercial companies.

I work with all TV networks in Israel and with a wide range of local & global commercial and corporate clients of every scale.

I am first and foremost a craftsman and a storyteller. While working on hundreds of projects, over the years I developed an excellent ability to dive deep into the realm of my clients or subjects, in a short time. Whether it’s for a 30-second commercial or an hour-long documentary, I help them find their story and tell it in the most appealing way through words, image and sound.

Along my professional path, I was hands-on with every part of the process - concept development, script writing, cinematography, editing, and animation, and my broad practical experience with each of these crafts allows me to go deep into each piece of the puzzle and make sure it's perfectly made.

I believe in the small details, forged together into a complete and coherent picture, one that manages to touch, teach, and appeal to a wide range of viewers.

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